public speaking is the most valuable skill you can learn 

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In 2009, business tycoon and investor Warren Buffet told a group of business students at Columbia University that they could improve their value by 50 percent by bolstering their communication skills, namely, public speaking.​

And it's no mystery why. Mastering the art of public speaking is vital for companies and individuals alike.


Ineffective communication is costly to an organization. When your workforce doesn't communicate effectively, it negatively affects the bottom line in a number of alarming ways: 


Unclear, uninspiring communication creates roadblocks in generating new business and servicing current customers well.


Key leaders in external facing roles that struggle to communicate effectively call the company's reputation into question, making it difficult to attract top talent.

wasted time

Poor communication creates inefficiencies and bottlenecks, requiring workers to spend time clarifying previous communication rather than accomplishing revenue-generating activities. 

If you've assumed that your workforce's communications skills will improve naturally over time, unfortunately, they won't.

In order to see lasting and immediate improvement, your staff needs professional feedback, practical strategies they can implement long-term and the opportunity to learn in a guided setting.

How I can help

Using my proprietary process, let's work together to create an interactive training for your staff where they will discover the keys to communication that motivates, stirs excitement and inspires action. 

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​Have you charted your career path and discovered you're not going to get to your destination without honing your presentation skills? 


Without a doubt, effective public speaking is a required business skill. In fact, a 2014 survey by Chapman University 70 percent of respondents said they felt public speaking was critical to their success at work.

If you're looking to land that next big promotion, receive opportunities for more visibility within your organization or change careers altogether, stellar public speaking skills are a must. Those who don't have the necessary skills will simply get overlooked.


Let's discuss coaching options that will both sharpen your presentation skills and support your career goals. We'll start with a Needs Assessment and then create a tailored strategy focused on getting quick results in both verbal and non-verbal communication.

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As you know, it's imperative that you articulate your vision well to rally the support of key stakeholders and grow your business.


Not only that, speaking confidently on camera as you position your brand online in the digital age is increasingly important. A lack of clear, compelling communication in these key areas will stunt your business' growth and minimize the visibility your brand needs to thrive.


Let's chat about your business goals and then create a strategy to build and boost your brand through captivating communication.


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