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How to Fuel Your Soul's Passion for God
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In Ignite, Kelly will challenge and encourage you to rise to your God-given potential. You will:


  • Identify God's work in your life

  • Define areas for growth

  • Develop an action plan for hearing and responding to God's direction

  • Gain peace and clarity in difficult circumstances

"God has given you everything you need for the spiritual passion you want. It's up to you to grab hold of it."


Available as both paperback and ebook. 

Devotional Plan

Available on

Do you want to get fired up about your relationship with God? This reading plan will show you how to establish a connection with Him that stays fresh and fruitful over the long haul. If you want to define areas for growth in your life, develop an action plan for following God’s lead and rise to the level of your God-given potential, this plan is for you.

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