What if you had the blueprint to ...

build your speaking platform


create a structured talk


wows audiences


increases your visibility 

 ... even during a pandemic?

Here's a secret:
You can!
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  • You're an aspiring or emerging speaker who is confused about what direction to take since COVID hit the scene 

  • You're getting booked but aren't sure how to structure your talk

  • You're hesitant to go after bookings because you're unclear about your message

  • You're a pro at shooting from the hip but have trouble being concise and getting to the point

  • You're frustrated by all the time and effort it takes to prepare a good talk

did you raise your hand to any of the above?


That means you're definitely in the right place.

The truth is there are proven tools, formulas and strategies you can implement right away to launch and build your speaking platform to new levels -- even amidst shutdowns, travel restrictions and quarantines. 

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imagine yourself ...

  • Becoming known in your industry for your powerful delivery

  • Being a master storyteller, effortlessly turning your life lessons into unforgettable illustrations

  • Feeling confident in your content, knowing it has a structured, cohesive flow 

  • Delivering a go-to signature talk that captivates audiences like clockwork

  • Saving time with speech prep by using a proven formula that works

  • Standing out from the noise with a custom speaking style all your own

The only reason you aren’t experiencing this (and more!) right now is because no one has shown you the steps in a way that you can quickly implement.

But isn't the speaking industry dead as a door nail right now due to COVID?



In fact, NOW is a prime opportunity to develop the skills you need to launch and build your professional speaking platform by making one simple shift: virtual speaking.

As we speak, meeting planners for virtual events at conferences, corporations, churches and colleges around the world are looking for captivating speakers with a compelling message to share.

In my 15-year speaking career, I have:

  • Reached more than 60K via virtual speaking

  • Been featured as keynote speaker at colleges, churches and conferences nationwide, reaching thousands

  • Developed a custom speaking style that produces rebooking and glowing reviews 

  • Hosted engaging webinars and virtual workshops with a proven formula

  • Married the art of storytelling with the art of speaking

It's one thing to communicate. It's another to captivate.

Through years of study and trial and error, I've developed a powerful custom speaking style that captivates both in-person and virtual audiences ... even though I'm a reserved introvert in real life who doesn’t like to say much of anything. (Crazy, huh?)


That's how I know that with guided support and intentional follow-through, you too can master the skills not just to communicate, but to captivate.

In a time when in-person events are on-hold indefinitely, virtual speaking is the new normal. Taking time to master the art of speaking and leveraging your skills virtually will pay dividends both now and in the days to come.  


With the proven tips and strategies Rachel learned, she wowed her virtual audience.

Expert Support 
Consistent Action

That’s the formula you’ve been missing, plain and simple. If you get support to decode the art of speaking, plus some accountability to put it all into action, you’ll instantly position yourself to win.

If you’re ready to play a bigger game, I can fast track your success …

With my high-level coaching program, you can experience an immediate shift that will expand your platform and attract dream clients.


This six-week coaching intensive will give you the tools and strategies -- the same ones I use -- to captivate audiences time and time again.

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What’s inside

A sample of what you’ll learn when we work together includes:

Master Your Message

Module 1
  • Get crystal clear about your message and the outcomes you provide

  • Learn to align your message with what your audience wants and your expertise

  • Define your target audience and how you can best serve them

Start Strong

Module 2
  • Discover proven techniques to hook any audience from the start

  • Learn the one thing audiences look for at the beginning of any talk

  • Use my proprietary formula to build your audience's excitement for what's to come

Module 3 

Connect and Captivate

  • Use my Super Simple Speech Roadmap™ for years to come to structure your ideas cohesively and concisely

  • Build your talk from the ground up and get immediate feedback
  • Craft memorable talking points that keep your audience wanting more

Finish Stronger

Module 4
  • Discover the vital components to create a captivating conclusion

  • Learn the most common mistakes speakers make when closing a talk and how to avoid them

  • Use my proven formula to deliver an impactful, memorable call to action 

Module 5

Virtual Presence & Confident Delivery​

  • Learn the non-verbal cues that instantly communicate presence, power and warmth

  • Master the tech side of virtual speaking so it never stresses you out

  • Discover techniques to engage audiences on today's most popular virtual platforms 

PLUS you'll get...
  • My Storyteller's Masterclass

  • Email marketing and pitch training with contacts and done-for-you templates for both initial contact and follow up

  • An online support community to help you implement everything you learn

who is virtual speakers bootcamp for?

  • People who have a good idea of what they want to speak about but need support in fine tuning the content and delivering it in an impactful way 


  • People who see coaching as an investment and place a high value on getting expert guidance to accelerate their results


  • People who are open to learning new things and challenging themselves.


  • People who take action quickly and believe that the “right time” to take steps to achieve results is now, not “someday”


  • People who can embrace imperfect progress as a necessary step on the journey to success

HERE ARE THE PEOPLE virtual speakers bootcamp is not for:

  • People who pass up opportunities because it’s “not the right time”


  • People who need someone else’s permission to make financial investments in their personal development


  • People who have a tendency of letting fear prevent them from taking action

If you know this program is for you, schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit!

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