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We believe how we treat each other matters ... even at work. We champion work environments where nice guys get ahead and people love coming to work, motivated to do their best.


Our goal is simple: to make sure every team member feels valued, respected and a deep sense of belonging so that your organization maximizes its success.


For us, it's not just feel good philosophies. It's building the foundation for a healthy organization. Let us help you create a strategic plan that gets results.

our lead consultant

Kelly D. Parker is a leadership expert on a mission to teach corporate managers how to transform the workplace by unlocking the power of kindness.

Using customized personality assessments, Kelly’s leadership development company provides organizations with strategies to turn simple acts of kindness into bigger profits, better performance and increased productivity. 

Kelly has shared her insights with audiences at multimillion-dollar corporations including Sherwin-Williams and American Greetings. Known for her dynamic stage presence, Kelly hosts The Confident Speaker Podcast, where she reveals the techniques she’s used to engage audiences for the past 15 years.