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Passionate About Inspiring Others

If you’re looking for a speaker with a captivating stage presence that knows how to capture the hearts and minds of your audience and take them to the next level, Kelly’s your girl!

With more than 15 years of experience teaching and speaking to large and small groups alike, Kelly brings a unique mix of depth, humor and practical, tangible explanations of complex concepts that audiences love. 


Her bold approach is not only motivational and inspirational, but transformational. She does keynotes, panels, breakout sessions, trainings and seminars.

signature speaking topics

Speak with Confidence

This talk empowers audiences with strategies for effective communication, including the secret to commanding the room in their next big presentation, how to structure a talk for maximum impact and practical strategies to radiate confidence even when you don't feel it.

Women's Empowerment

Have a group of women you're looking to inspire to a higher level of courage, confidence and boldness? This talk challenges women to embrace their natural strengths to increase their impact and influence, seek progress over perfection and become extreme action takers.


Inspiring the faith community to live, move and act in full confidence based on their God-given purpose is one of Kelly's specialties! She offers a number of faith-based signature talks, at all aimed at firing audiences up to take action grounded in Christian principles.

What People Say
“Refreshing, encouraging and inspiring.”
“Absolutely amazing! It is so encouraging to see a woman bring forth a power-filled message!”
“Passionate, confident, powerful, heart-warming, loving and eye-opening.”
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Bring Kelly’s captivating message to your audience! 
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Becky Carter 

 Christian and Missionary Alliance

"Kelly Parker is a highly effective communicator who brings passion to everything she teaches. She will challenge and uplift any group with her words!"

Jay Floyd.jpg

Jay Floyd

Speaker, Author, Podcast Host

"Kelly is a dynamic powerhouse speaker. Her message and tone are relatable while her passion inspires you to get up and walk braver, stronger and more determined."


Audrey Maxwell

Christ Community Church

"Kelly Parker brings energy and passion to her messages in such a thought provoking way that keeps your attention while challenging you to life application." 

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