the confident speaker masterclass

Turn Your Public Speaking Anxiety into a Memorable Message

Does public speaking anxiety get the best of you?
In this masterclass, you'll learn how to manage your nerves so can speak with confidence. 
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Imagine what it would feel like to ...

Deliver impressive speeches and presentations that leave your audience wanting more

Step into business meetings with confidence, effortlessly showcasing your smarts

Communicate your ideas and experiences with ease when networking

Speak like a pro on your podcast or YouTube channel

Build a booming social media presence with engaging livestreams

never let your nerves get the best of you again
In this class, you’ll receive speaking formulas and delivery techniques to turn your speaking anxiety into your biggest asset.
You Will Learn:

Strategies to outline your message for maximum impact

Body language techniques that communicate power and confidence

Strategies to manage anxiety and nerves

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speak like a pro, even if you're nervous

In this Masterclass, you'll receive:

  • 12 on-demand instructional videos 

  • Your Digital Implementation Guide to help you put the coursework into action right away

you can speak with confidence
1. register for the class

Get easy-to-remember, practical tips

MEET kim

After implementing the methods she learned, Kim said she's experiencing increased social media engagement and now communicates with confidence.

2. learn the secrets

Learn powerful communication methods you can use right away

3. speak with confidence

Boost your reputation and earn trust and respect

be clear, concise and confident

If you experience public speaking anxiety, you know the stress of trying to sound eloquent while you're sweating bullets and your heart is beating out of your chest.


Before long, rambling and over-explaining take over. And all you can think about is when this moment will be over.

But with the right tools and training, you can be a poised and confident speaker.

In this program, we'll teach you how to speak with confidence using communications formulas we've fine-tuned over the past 15 years.


First, join the waitlist to reserve your seat. Next, I'll show you all my top-secret techniques to be a captivating speaker, which will save you time and eliminate the frustration and uncertainty of trying to figure this out alone. 


Then, you’ll have all the tools you need to speak with confidence for years to come.

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When I was preparing to speak on Zoom, I had no clue how to use stories to drive my main points home. After using Kelly's strategies, I had the layout I needed to be both organized and engaging.


She helped me weave story throughout the main points of my talk so I could keep the audience’s attention and persuade them to take action. I got rave reviews and am still getting messages 3 weeks later that the talk was memorable and practical!

— Candace Veney, Ministry Leader, Educator and Creative

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Kelly encouraged me to be “me” and brought out what was already there: my ability to engage with people and be transparent with them in telling my own story.


I was scared to walk in my purpose and tell my story, but now, Kelly has given me tools in my toolbox that will equip me to serve others humbly and with confidence!

— Brandy Williams, Founder of His Good Thing