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Storytelling for Visionary Leaders

Storytelling is a highly effective strategy to build momentum, get buy-in and build awareness for your big vision and breakthrough ideas. In this episode, Kevin James of New Community Bible Fellowship shows us how.

What You'll Hear:

  • Why ongoing research about your audience's mindset and psychology is critical to effective storytelling

  • Why stories are better than facts and figures for getting buy-in

  • How to capture your audience's imagination and earn the right for them to listen to you in 3 minutes or less

  • How to stay relevant over time while remaining true to your core values

  • How to leverage your story to recruit and retain the right team members

Are you a forward-thinking corporate leader looking to leverage the power of story to grow profits, boost awareness and maximize impact?

KDP Co. would love to serve you. We offer keynotes, workshops and consulting services that teach brands how to define and community their brand story.

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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