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The 90-Day Public Speaking Coaching Intensive for Professional Women and Emerging Business Owners

Millions of professionals and business owners around the world are using public speaking to build awareness, increase credibility and close deals … why aren’t you?
The truth is that even some of the most intelligent, talented and accomplished people cringe at the thought of speaking to a crowd. 
What if I mess up? 
What if I ramble? 
What if I'm nervous? 
we’ve created a communications formula to teach you to create and deliver a memorable message. 
When you have a memorable message, you attract more clients, more opportunities and more income.
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Imagine what it would feel like to ...

Stop worrying about what you’ll say when you take the stage (even a virtual one!) because you have a proven plan

Receive a flood of requests for more of what you’ve got to offer when you leave the stage

Turn your fear into positive energy that captivates your audience

If you’re in business and you’re not speaking, you’re leaving money on the table.
Learn the formula to consistently deliver a memorable message with confidence. 
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Delivering an incredible keynote, workshop or training will:

Give audiences a taste of your genius

Make doing business with you the obvious next step

Bring qualified leads right to your doorstep

Position you as a go-to authority in your industry

Showcase your personality and draw the right people to you

Attract additional opportunities like podcasts and media interviews 

Get the tools to speak with confidence so you can maximize your impact the way you've always dreamed.

Save time with a proven framework instead of wasting time piecing it together yourself

Deliver your talk with confidence knowing you’ve honed it with expert, customized feedback

Position yourself to increase revenue through paid speaking opportunities

After you join Fierce & Fearless Speaking Academy You Will Learn:

How to craft a presentation that leaves the audience hanging on your every word, that will cause them to want to buy from you and work with you

How to confidently command higher fees

Exactly what to say, when to say it and how to say it in a way that positions you as the undisputed authority on your topic

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average just won't do

In today's competitive landscape, "average" just won't cut it. In Fierce and Fearless Speaking Academy, you'll speed past "so-so" and "average" and fast track your way to public speaking mastery.


You'll set yourself apart from the pack with your ability to persuade, influence and inspire in your unique voice. In the Academy, you'll receive:

  • 6 in-depth live instructional group sessions (All sessions will be recorded for your convenience) 

  • A video resource guide including all core competencies covered in the program so you can reference them if you ever get stuck

  • Expert feedback from me on your presentation to ensure you present flawlessly to clients and decision makers

  • Live feedback from the group on your presentation

  • Private Facebook community where I share communication tricks and tools that I don’t share publicly

  • Storytelling template that will make creating your signature story easy and predictable

  • Your Super Simple Speech Roadmap, a framework that makes creating speeches easy and will save you tons of time

don't miss these fast action bonuses

Take action now and receive:

  • A 30-minute 1-on-1 session with me  (Only open to the first 12 students)

  • Virtual Speakers Bootcamp - My ultimate guide to help you take the boring out of virtual presentations and share your expertise with clarity and confidence

  • Speaker Marketing Made Simple Masterclass - A 60-minute video course to help you market your top-notch speaking skills so that you can get paid to speak 

learn the cheat code to captivate any audience

If the idea of public speaking seems like too big a hill to climb, I know how you feel. But with the right information and the right support you can capture the hearts of any audience.

MEET odell

Even as an established entrepreneur and well-paid professional speaker, Odell said Kelly's strategies helped him bring in five figures in just one day.

Increase your reach and revenue through public speaking
1. apply

Tell us more about you and your goals

MEET kim

After implementing the methods she learned, Kim said she's experiencing increased social media engagement and now communicates with confidence and authenticity.


Craft an amazing your talk using a proven framework

3. deliver

Wow your audience, implementing customized feedback 

profit from the power of your voice

Your ability to persuade, influence and inspire through public speaking can boost your business, skyrocket your career and 10x your impact, but let’s be honest.


It can feel scary to speak in front of a crowd. But with the right tools and training, you can be a confident, magnetic communicator.


In this program, we teach you how to create and deliver a memorable message using the communications formula we’ve fine-tuned over the past 15 years.


First, we’ll assess your goals and needs. Then, you’ll create a stellar talk using a tried and true blueprint that will save you time and eliminate the frustration and uncertainty of doing it alone.


Finally, you’ll deliver your talk and get customized expert feedback that you’ll implement to wow audiences for years to come.


Apply now to get started so you can stop missing opportunities and position yourself as a go-to expert with a bank account to match.


With the tips and strategies she learned, Rachel captivated her virtual audience within the span of just five minutes.

fierce & fearless speaking academy is perfect for:
  • Professional women who want to make a bigger impact with their story

  • Business owners looking to leverage public speaking to connect more deeply with clients and increase sales

  • Go-getters who want to feel more confident when speaking virtually

  • People who see investing in their personal development as a top priority

fierce & fearless speaking academy is not right for:
  • People who struggle with receiving constructive feedback

  • People who won't try new things if it feels uncomfortable

  • People who are hesitant to take action and have trouble following through

Candace Veney.jpg

When I was preparing to speak on Zoom, I had no clue how to use stories to drive my main points home. After using Kelly's strategies, I had the layout I needed to be both organized and engaging.


She helped me weave story throughout the main points of my talk so I could keep the audience’s attention and persuade them to take action. I got rave reviews and am still getting messages 3 weeks later that the talk was memorable and practical!

— Candace Veney, Ministry Leader, Educator and Creative

Brandy Williams.jpeg

Kelly encouraged me to be “me” and brought out what was already there: my ability to engage with people and be transparent with them in telling my own story.


I was scared to walk in my purpose and tell my story, but now, Kelly has given me tools in my toolbox that will equip me to serve others humbly and with confidence!

— Brandy Williams, Founder of His Good Thing

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