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Business Storytelling Made Easy #63: Recruit & Retain Top Talent with Storytelling w/ Shereese Floyd

These days, the job market is anything but business as usual. The past two years of unrest have caused the workforce to reevaluate their lives and ultimately, choose themselves. Now, every job opportunity and career move is scrutinized through that lens. How do organizations recruit and retain the best talent? Storytelling -- detailing a collective narrative of an organization and outlining the role the team and/or future hire plays in it.

In this episode, Storytelling and Communications Expert Shereese Floyd shares how companies can infuse storytelling into their culture to attract and engage the best talent.

What You'll Hear:

  • How to use storytelling in job listings (and why)

  • How to onboard with storytelling

  • How to create a storytelling culture

  • Why the intersection of the business and personal story attracts top talent

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