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The Confident Speaker Podcast #10: 5 Things Every Good Story Needs

If you take a look around you, you’ll see that stories are used everywhere. In education, business, marketing and even politics, stories are used to connect with audiences, amplify messages and move people toward action.

Storytelling is a powerful and valuable skill to add to your communications toolbox.

What You'll Hear:

  • A story is only as good as the point you make with it. Storytelling success depends on how clearly you demonstrate to your audience what they can learn or what they should do in light of what you've shared.

  • Who is your story about? The key character in your story should be someone who your audience can relate to, find common ground with and connect with on an emotional level.

  • Infusing drama into a story keeps it interesting. Good stories always include a struggle, challenge or difficulty that the character must confront.

  • How do things turn out in the end? Good stories offer a resolution where audiences find out how the character handled the conflict, what they learned and what transformation took place.

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