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The Confident Speaker Podcast #2: How to Engage a Virtual Audience

In this episode, I share 7 ways to engage virtual audiences. Listen and implement these tips to make your online meetings, keynotes, workshops and presentations more impactful.

What You'll Hear:

Engaging an online audience isn’t easy because there are an endless list of other things vying for their attention

Goal: Be more interesting than your audience's distractions​


1. Choose your content wisely

  • Make sure it's interesting and relevant to your audience

2. Show interest

  • Be sure to appear highly engaged and passionate

3. Get to the point

  • Be brief and clear, reiterate important points​

4. Address the elephant in the room

  • Invite your audience away from distractions and back to you

5. Include your audience

  • Consider Q&A, polls, the chat box feature, etc.

6. Show rather than tell

  • Go for eye-catching visuals that illustrate your points

7. Infuse variety

  • Alternate between teaching, storytelling, video, Q&A, etc., especially for longer presentations

Click here to listen!


Want more tips to speak online with confidence? Eliminate the stress of virtual speaking with my FREE Communicate Online with Confidence Checklist. It explains, step-by-step, what to do before, during and after you speak to project your most confident self.

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