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The Confident Speaker Podcast #3: Speaking Out Against Injustice

In this episode, Danielle Sydnor, president of the Greater Cleveland chapter of the NAACP, shares how each of us can use our voice to make an impact in the fight against racial injustice.

What You'll Hear:

"We have a voice and we have an obligation to be an advocate in whatever space we show up in."​
"We live in a democracy. The only way this democracy serves the purpose of the people is if we show up and use our voice in all the spaces that we do life."
"Dig down deep into courage and use your voice. [That will] allow people ... to get the correction and feedbackthey need to become better and improve."
"Even though it's much easier to go through life and not say anything, think about how much more impact we can have if we do the things that make us uncomfortable."
"You don't have to be at every meeting or march, but find the the thing you're passionate about and find an organization that's doing that."

Links mentioned in this episode:

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