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The Confident Speaker Podcast #8: Becoming a Paid Professional Speaker

Speaker, coach and six-figure earner Odell Bizzell joins us to break down the business of speaking. He shares how to market yourself as a speaker, mistakes new speakers make, how to craft email pitches that get noticed and setting speaker fees.

What You'll Hear:​

  • As a speaker, you solve problems with your voice. Clearly identify the problem you solve and who you solve it for.

  • Be specialized in your approach. Don't be a generalist.

  • The key to getting booked as a speaker is effective marketing, not just speaking ability.

  • Speakers are in the event planning business. View yourself as a vendor looking to be invited to events.

  • Do your research to identify events and decision makers that have a budget to bring in speakers.

  • When pitching via email, avoid the "please book me!" approach. Build relationships with event planners and decision makers by sharing free content that will help their audience.

  • Even in the COVID-19 pandemic, there are plentiful opportunities to launch and build a speaking business through virtual events. Look for resources and free content you can create that will serve your audience during this time.

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Listen to my bonus interview with Odell, where he shares more negotiation tips, how to be viewed as an expert in your industry and why free content is the gateway to paid opportunities. Listen now!

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