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The Confident Speaker Podcast #9: Developing Your On-Camera Presence

Communications Strategist Shanice Settle chats with me about techniques to communicate on-camera with confidence and authenticity.

What You'll Hear:​

  • Focus on the message more than the messenger. The most impactful thing you can do is think of your audience more than yourself.

  • Put yourself in your audience's shoes and answer the one question to which they want the answer.

  • Use the Rule of 3s: Boil down your subject matter into three simple points. Most people's attention spans are short, so condensing your information will help hold their attention.

  • Audiences are attracted to authenticity more than perfection, so don't obsess about doing everything just right.

  • Mess-ups happen! When they do, forgive yourself, learn from it and move on. Ask, "what did I learn from this?"

  • No one has arrived. We're all learning, evolving and working to get better.

  • On-camera presence prep tips:

    • Write out your talking points and go over them several times, but don't memorize.

    • Keep your wardrobe simple. Steer clear of patterns and stripes.

    • Over-smile. It's a good idea to show a little extra energy than you typically would, when appropriate.

    • Even if you're a seasoned presenter, run through your talking points in advance and prepare anything you can ahead of time, such as wardrobe choices, to help counteract nervousness.

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